Author: Muhammad

Muhammad was born and raised in Sudan.

He is a cyclist, an engineer, a graphic designer and a traveller. He is studying MSc Sustainable Energy Systems at The University of Edinburgh and passionate about providing energy access to those who lack it. Moving from Sudan to Scotland and becoming a MasterCard Foundation scholar were milestones in his personal and academic journey. Before coming to Edinburgh, and always loving to try something new, he was trying a different career path in a graduate programme at DAL Group, a leading company in Sudan, for 2 years, where he worked in business development and strategic planning and was also involved in many corporate social responsibility (CSR) campaigns.

He is a social activist and loves to create short films; he is one of the co-founders of "Ne7na Group", in Sudan, which aims to portrait main issues in Sudan (racism, sexism, violence, etc.) and to raise awareness about them through short films and sketches.

Also, he loves to walk, listen to music, smile, and mostly, to discuss everything.

Edinburgh 101

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Dreams do come true

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